How to use GetMeteoMe service

  1. How to choose a location?
  2. What is displayed on the map?
  3. The main forecast column
  4. How to change the language and units of measure?
  5. Can I get a weather forecast for more than 4 days?

How to choose a location?

To select the location for which you need to get the weather forecast, use the following tools:

  • Search line. Start typing the name of the place, street or address and select it from the dropdown list.
  • Map. Select the desired location on the built-in map on the forecast page and click on it (for mobile devices - long press). The weather forecast will be calculated for any selected location.
  • List of nearby settlements. On the forecast page for a particular location there is a list of nearby settlements.
  • List of large cities. On the home page, you can select a city from the list of the largest cities.
  • Automatic location detection. Determine your location, you can automatically. To do this, select "Locate" from the menu or click the icon my_location on the map.

What is displayed on the map?

On the built-in map on the weather forecast page, the distribution of weather parameters on the local level is displayed, such as: wind speed, air temperature, feels like temperature. Data are calculated for a 2×2 km section.

The distribution of points with parameters, is performed by sectors, for the most effective area capture and improved perception. Each sector displays two points with extreme values ​​for this sector - the minimum and maximum. The center point (for the requested coordinates) is also displayed. By default, the map displays the weather forecast for the next 3 hours (how to change it).

Markers with values ​​of meteorological parameters are colored in conditional colors, corresponding to the feels like temperature.

When zooming out, only one central point remains, corresponding to the main forecast, calculated for the current coordinates.

The main weather forecast column

The main forecast is a detailed hourly description of the weather forecast for 4 days, taking into account local landscape conditions.

The main forecast includes:

  • A visual representation of weather conditions (precipitation and cloudiness).
  • A simplified description of the main weather events and phenomena most important to comfortable weather conditions for human.
  • The air temperature is directly for these coordinates, and a comfortable temperature (air temperature, as it feels a person dressed for the weather).
  • Wind speed and its direction.
  • The rate of precipitation amount and type.
  • Air humidity.

priority_highIf you click on the forecast line for a specific time, the map displays the distribution of weather conditions on the surrounding terrain for that time.

How to change the language and units of measure?

The interface display language and meteorological conditions units are determined automatically based on the browser's language settings and the user's location.

You can select the language to display pages, from anywhere in the site. Just select the item "Change language" on the sidebar menu and in the dropdown list click on the desired of the supported languages.

To change the units of the meteorological parameters, select the item "Change units" and in the dropdown list click on the desired item.

Can I get a weather forecast for more than 4 days?

At the moment we refuse it deliberately, as for most places on the globe, the weather forecast accuracy for more than four days is greatly reduced due to objective geographical reasons. Four days is the optimal time period for more or less reliable weather forecast.